Introduction: How to Make Slime

Get your bowl and mixing tool for use later on

Step 1: The Glue

First what you do is add as much glue as you like in your bowl

Step 2: Adding Glitter

Add your glitter if you would like if you don't you don't have too.

Step 3: Adding the Food Coloring

Add you food coloring to the mixture this is also optional.

Step 4: Mixing

This is a part you need to follow,this part is mixing mixing is really important.

Step 5: Adding Detergent (tide)or(Borax)

This Step is also important you want to add this but not to much because the next day it will be just hard and you don't want that so don't add too much.

Step 6: Mixing Again!

Your going to want to add the tide will mixing the solution and its going to have a sticky consistency so your going to have to need

Step 7: Time to Need, Then Play!

This part is really simple all you need to do is need and fold with you hands to make it less sticky. Then you can finally play with it and have fun