Introduction: How to Make Small Baskets

I make small baskets with paper thread. I used broken hair-clip of my daughter to decorate these baskets. I made these baskets for my earrings because I always lose them. But my daughter takes it from me for her doll. Hence,to make these baskets you will need following materials:-

1. Paper Thread.

2. Clingfilm

3. PVA Glue (transparent)

4. Little Bowl

5. Paper Stuff

6. Little items of fruit or cartoon etc. I get it these items from broken hair-clip.

7. Scissors.

Step 1: Basic Structure

Take a little bowl and cover this bowl with clingfilm. Apply PVA glue on the outside of bowl. Now roll paper thread on bowl and started from the bottom of bowl. When completed apply PVA glue outside of paper basket and let it dry. When completely dry, remove the bowl and also clingfilm from the paper basket. Apply PVA glue inside of paper basket and let it dry.

Step 2: Make Handle of Basket

To make handle of basket with paper thread, please flow method as given below:-

a. Take 3 paper threads and make plait.

b. Take the left section & place over the central section.

c. Take the right section & place over the central section.

d. Continue steps b & c until you run out of paper thread.

Now, paste these plait on paper basket with PVA glue.

Step 3: Decorate the Basket

Take 3 or 4 paper stuff and paste it on the basket’s handle with PVA glue. Take items from the hair-clip and paste it on the basket.

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