Introduction: How to Make Smart Homes Using ES8266 at Just Rupees 450

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Here is full tutorial for making SMART HOMES using NodMCU ESP8266. this is very easy and best way for beginner.

Beginner can start learing about ESP8266 NodMCU by this tutorial.

Step 1: Hardware Required :

Step 2: Software Required

Step 3: Configur Blynk App

1.Download the Blynk app on your smartphone and create an account.

2.Create a new project, select from the list your hardware (NodeMCU).

3.Add a widget to your control panel by clicking on the plus icon on the top

4.Select the Button widget,and double tap on it to edit its settings.

Step 4: Wiring of NodMCU

Join the wire in nodemcu using diagram

follow the steps bellow :

1. The 5v of the power to the Vcc of the relay board.

2. The GND to the GND of the relay board.

3. The D1 of the NodeMCU to the IN of the relay board.

Step 5: Adding ESP8266 Board Manager

1. In the Additional Boards Manager enter below URL.

2. Install espn8266 (tool > board > Board Manager)

3. Slelect NodMCU 0.9 esp-12 module (Tool > Board > NodMCU 0.9 esp-12 module)

Step 6: Install Library​ and Upload Code

1. Download Library from here

2. capy and paste Library in (Docunment > Arduino > Libraries)

3. download code from Here

4. copy and paste code in Arduino IDE.

5. Replace auth Code with Your app auth code.

6. Replace wifi SSID name and wifi password with your SSID and password.