Introduction: How to Make Solar Tracker Using Arduino and Servo Motor

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In this post I am going to talk about the "solar Tracker" which I've made using a Arduino UNO and SG90 servo. Before reading the post please check the video from my channel , it gives 70% of Idea about the project. So I've made a solar tracker using an arduino and servo motor. This solar tracker uses two LDRs to measure the light or the resistance of the LDR changes according to the light. It can also charge mobile phone.

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Step 1: Step:-1-Parts and Materials

Step 2: Step:2- Making Body

I've used wood to make the body for the solar tracker, It's a triangular shaped wood which allows the solar panel to move in one axis the wood is of random size and you can make this as your requirement. I've used old pens to connect the both wood. Make a hole on the upper side of the wood so we can mount the servo there later. Check the video and images for reference.

Step 3: Step:3-Schematics & Software

First download the ZIP file and extract it, you will find a circuit diagram of the project. The signal wire of the servo is connected to Digital pin 9 of the arduino and GND>>GND & Vcc>>5V of arduino, One terminal of the LDR1 and LDR2 is short circuited and connected to the 5V pin of arduino and other terminal of the LDRs is connected to the pin A0 and A1 of the arduino.

Complete the circuit and Upload the arduino Sketch to the arduino.

Step 4: Step:4- Mounting the Servo and Solarpanel

Connect the servo rod in my case plastic pipe and mount the servo on the wooden frame(body) using hot glue and also glue the servo rod with solar panel "make sure that the servo moves equal distance in both direction". And finally glue the both LDRs on the solar panel as shown in video or image.

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