Introduction: How to Make Some Ugly Looking Scrub Sponge From Plastic Bottle String (updated)

Yes I know. it looks like H.R. Giger's Xenomorph pubic hairball, but who we are to blame him? At least the process of making this thing is too cumbersome that it makes no benefits comparing to just buying one. And if you're failing at finding any logic in previous two sentences is because there is non. But who cares. Let's go into our little journey of bottle cutting, string winding and coil boiling anyway! Because I don't know!

Step 1:

Well, ok.... At first you need to cut some string from plastic bottle. It should be as thin (narrow) as your cutter allows. One 2L bottle should be enough for a resonable sponge.

Step 2:

Find few metal rods of small diametre and some sort of a drill. We are going to use them to wind our string into coils. Also you can try to do it by hands.

Knots made with plastic strind do not hold wery well, so I'm securing the end of the string in the drill chuck along with metal rod.

Step 3:

Wind the string neatly around the rod overlaying it a few times.

Step 4:

When the winding is done tie the end of the string around the rod and secure the spot with some electric tape, bacause we don't trust those deceptive plastic knots (believe me, you'll invent a new curse word for each loop of string in that coil after it spontaneously unwinde for the fifth time).

If you do have a heat blow gun, cut the rest of the string short. If you don't, leave about 15cm loose.

Step 5:

If you have heat blow gun, use it to heat the coils. If you don't, submerge them into boiling water for a hlf of minute or so. In any way the heat will set the plastic making the string retain it's shape.

Step 6:

Unwind the coils when they're cooled down. I have some from previous experiments, so they all have different colors.

Step 7:

Now, by squeezing and pulling all the springs in your hands form a ball. Then sit into your most comfy chair, take an empty look at the floor and feel sad. Because it's the end of our little journey. We've been things, we've seen places but now it's time to say "Good bye". So thank you for your attention, and read the post scriptum.

P.S.: The reason I went into all these troubles with coiling, boiling and spring making is, apparently, because I have nothing better to do with my life. But also, in order to make our scrub sponge scrubby enough we gave to create as many of those sharp ridges and bends of string as posible, because those are the stuff which makes all the scrubby action posible.

I don't know if I'm going to improve this method any further in the future, but for now I'm, glad I've finaly got this project out of my head. Also I don't have any suitably dirty kitchenware to test the sponge, so I'll add testing report later as an update (maybe).

P.P.S.: I already hate this thing. I keep squeezing it although it's not very plesant at all, and makes skin on my hand dry... I have to say, it's a bad stress ball, but for some reason very addictive...

Step 8: How to Clean a Pot With Some Ugly Looking Scrub Sponge (subsequel)

So it was the 9-th of the May and traditionaly we were making kulish and, probably, it doesn't tell you much, but it resulted in a dirty pot, which is important because it opened great opportunities for testing the sponge. Ok, to be onest it wasn't the hardest case of dirty kitchenware in history of hard cases but it was good enough for me. And as you can see, the sponge did it! Yeah!! Some regular sponge with some sope finished the job and now the pot is as clean as it can be. And if you're feeling a bit sceptical looking at those photos, believe me, I know that pot for a long time, and this is really as clean as it can be. So yeah, the sponge... My mom approved.