Introduction: How to Make Someone's Internet Explorer Crash Everytime They Open It

this is a good prank for you to pull on your friends that will crash when they start internet explorer

Step 1: Open Settings Window

go to tools-> internet options

Step 2: Seting It Up

change the home page to (this is a site that has a code that will crash almost every internet explorer version) then press ok

Step 3: The Result

now every time you open internet explorer, it crashes. so that means you can't change the options which means you can't go on any websites forever!!! because the internet explorer is screwed and you can't download other browsers that isn't screwed. so you or someone else that knows how has to fix it. (i will show u how to fix it)

Step 4: How to Fix It

to fix it, you have to disconnect the internet somehow.
there is 2 ways to do it:

go to control panel and swich to classic view. then go to network connections. next, right click the icon(s) and click disable. OR just unplug the internet cable

then go to internet explorer and change the homepage so it is not, because there is no internet, internet explorer can't open the page that crashes it.

Step 5: How to Make It Better/wost Depending

download another browser like Firefox that won't crash when you view and save it onto disk. then change the homepage to the directory (like c:\crashie.hmtl)

i haven't test it yet so tell me

to fix it just delete the file