How to Make Spaghetti




Introduction: How to Make Spaghetti

Hello! I am Lexi Caron and I am going to show you how to make a quick and easy meal that's perfect for most any occasion.

Step 1: Get Your Absolute Favorite Type of Spaghetti!

Step 2: Fill a Pot With Water About 3/4 of the Way Full.

Step 3: Put the Pot on the Stove and Turn It to a High Setting.

Step 4: While You Are Waiting for the Water to Boil, Add a Little Salt to Make It Boil Faster.

Step 5: Yay for You! You Were Patient Enough to Wait Until the Water Started Boiling!

Step 6: Add an Acceptable Amount of Spaghetti. I Break Them in Half to Make Them Fit Better, Because That's What Normal People Do.

Step 7: Set Your Timer for 10 Minutes and Go Play Mario Kart or Something...

Step 8: You Might Want to Stir the Spaghetti Occasionally and Turn the Heat Down a Bit So Your Spaghetti Isn't a Complete Failure.

Step 9: To Test If the Spaghetti Is Cooked Fully, Chuck a Piece at the Wall and See If It Sticks. DO IT.

Step 10: Satisfactory Spaghetti!

Step 11: When the Timer Approaches 10 Minutes, Get a Colander Out and Put It Over the Sink.

Step 12: When the Timer Goes Off, Pour the Spaghetti and Remaining Amount of Water Into the Colander and Try Not to Burn Your Little Hands.

Step 13: Wow! You Did It! You Didn't Burn Yourself Did You?

Step 14: Pour Yourself a Bowl of Spaghetti. Now It's Time to Make Your Meal a Little Less Bland.

Step 15: People Say I'm Weird for Doing This But My Method of Choice Is to Simply Grate Some Cheddar Cheese on the Top.

Step 16: I Am So Proud of You. You Made Food! Also, Don't Let Your Roommates Take Pictures of You or Your Pictures Will End Up Something Like This.

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    Chunky Mulroney
    Chunky Mulroney

    5 years ago

    I use PBR instead of water to get that perfect al dente pasta.


    5 years ago

    It's actually fine to have it where the spaghetti noodles are sticking out, but yes, for a smaller pot, it's best to break it in half, and cover it as you bring it to a boil in either case. Salt the water, yes, but don't count on it making any difference in boiling times. It would have to be saltier than sea water to make a noticeable difference. It's also best to not cook it according to any time or wall stickiness, just pull out a noodle and taste it. Taste everything you make. And it's also best to keep about a cup of the pasta water, as you drain it out, the water steams off the noodles, making them very dry. This is when you put it into a bowl and reintroduce some of that pasta water, making it loosen up a bit, and making any sauces and cheeses more able to stick the noodles.


    5 years ago

    Cheese and noodles . . sounds like a quick mac and cheese to me! Nothing wrong with that :)