Introduction: How to Make Split Sand Molds With Drafts Using a Scroll Saw

In this inscrutable I show how to make split sand molds with drafts using a scroll saw.


Parts List:

#1 – 1 * scroll saw

#2 – 1 * printer with paper

#3 – 1 * pencil

#4 – adhesive

#5 – a pattern

Step 1: Editing the Pattern

Chose a pattern, then using a graphics software mirror the pattern.

Step 2: Adding Arrows

Then add arrows to the pattern vectors (using a graphics software) or after its printed use a pencil, make sure for the first pattern all the arrows point one way, and on the second pattern make sure all of the arrows point the opposite direction as the first pattern. Here’s an example:

Step 3: Fasting It to Your Work Piece

We can now print it (if you have not). Now use an adhesive to fasten it to your work piece.

I use a simple 3M adhesive. And when applying the adhesive, put the pattern face down on a piece of news paper(or the like) and spray a nice even layer of adhesive on the back of the pattern. Now take the pattern and place it face up on your work piece and smooth it down in your desired position.

Step 4: Cutting It Out

Then go to your scroll saw and tilt the bed to the desired angle. You can now proceed to cut it out.

Do not (if you follow the above instructions) tilt the bed the other way after the first pattern is cut out.
Sincerely, Patrick-C