Introduction: How to Make Square Knot Braided Couple Bracelet With Alphabet Beads

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In today's diy project, you will see how to make square knot braided couple bracelet with alphabet beads. Enjoy your time!

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Square Knot Braided Couple Bracelets With Alphabet Beads:

7mm Alphabet Acrylic Beads

2mm Nylon Thread



Step 2: Make the Starting Cord

1st, cut 5 pieces of 25cm blue nylon thread, then tie a knot on one end;

2nd, place one end of the nylon threads on a fixing tool, then braid a square knot with the 2 nylon threads on sides;

3rd, string and tighten the threads to finish the first square knot pattern;

4th, repeat above step, leave the 3 threads in the middle along, and braid square knots with the threads on sides.

Step 3: Finish Braiding the Bracelet

1st, continue to make square knot patterns with the threads on sides;

2nd, thread the middle thread through a 'H' alphabet bead when you've braided about 1/3 of the whole length;

3rd, leave the rest 2 threads beside the bead alone, and continue to braid square knot with the threads on both sides;

4th, make 2 more square knot patterns, then thread the middle thread through an 'E' acrylic bead;

5th, repeat the above steps, and make 2 more square patterns;

6th, add the alphabet bead 'R' and 'S' in sequence in the same way;7th, braid the rest of the bracelet with square knot patterns.

Step 4: Make the Sliding Knots for the Braided Bracelet

1st, trim off the ends of the bracelet with lighter;

2nd, cut a piece of blue nylon thread, tie a knot firstly on the 5 threads;

3rd, braid several square knots to make sliding knot for the bracelet.

Step 5: Make a Pink Braided Bracelet for Female

1st, prepare 5 pieces of pink nylon thread, and braid square knots in the same way;

2nd, add 'H', 'I' and 'S' alphabet beads in sequence;

3rd, finish the pink braided bracelet in the same way.

Step 6: Here Is the Final Look of the Square Knot Braided Couple Bracelet!

Do you love these handmade couple bracelets? You may find it easy to make this square knot bracelet with beads if you are familiar with square patterns. Then have a nice try!

This tutorial is provided for the customer who is asking for the instructions on making the couple bracelet craft idea: