Introduction: How to Make Sunglasses Using Fusion 360 in 10 Mins?

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I never go out without my Sunglasses, whether I wear them or not. It's always in my bag. So I thought of giving it an honor. This Instructable goes to my dear glasses :)

Step 1: Make the Base Body and Glasses

  • Sketch the profiles using line, mirror, offset commands
  • Extrude the outer profile for the frame
  • Extrude the inner profile for the look of the glasses

Step 2: Make the Hands

  • Create offset planes on the both sides of the frame
  • Sketch the profile of the hands on those planes
  • Extrude the profiles

Step 3: Add Some Finishing

  • Add some fillets
  • Add Physical Materials
    1. "Glass" for glasses
    2. "Plastic" for the frame
  • Apply Appearances to the bodies and faces

Step 4: Get the Rendeirings

Go to the Rendering workspace and add some scene settings. Check the "Reflections" option to get the reflection of your model. Now it looks cool, right?

Once you save the file, rendering will start automatically. Please share your renderings here using the "I Made It" button. I'm definitely want to see them *_*

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