How to Make Super Bright Flash Light With LED USB

Introduction: How to Make Super Bright Flash Light With LED USB

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First Watch the video For clearly Understanding !!

Step 1: Old Torch

I am using an old torch For This project. I think the batteries had died... So I will Use it in This Recycle Project.

Step 2: Light and Focus

I removed the Focus couple with the Small LED. this Small LED Is not Powerful So I will use a High Power LED.

Step 3: ​3W White LED on Starboard Heatsink

I am using a 3W White LED on starboard heatsink. This types of LEDs are Very Bright in my Opinion.

You Can Buy it from The Link-

Step 4: USB TO MICRO USB Cable

Using an Old Charging cable for the USB port connection which will be used for the LED Power and you can use your Powerbank For powering up The Flash Light.

Step 5: Connection

The connection is pretty much Simple You have to connect The +ve wire to the LED's +ve Pin and the -ve wire to the LED's -ve Pin Just Simple Commection.

Step 6: Focus Attachment

Now I am using Hot Glue for connecting the focus with the LED You can Use Super Glue also.

Step 7: Lets Test It

I am Using MI Power Bank 2i for the LED's Voltage Input Purpose. and you can see the Led is glowing very Bright. It means It will Work Perfectly.

Now People will say why I have not added a resistor Series with the LED. and the answer is when I was making the project I have only 1/4w Resistors. When I connected the resistor it was Heating Very Much. so, I am avoiding the resistor. You Can add a 1w Low Ohm Resistor series with the circuit. Hope you Guys enjoy this Made. If You like this Instructable then Please subscribe to My YouTube Channel

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    4 years ago

    you should definitelly add resistor, resistor must be rated on LED wattage (3w or more)

    and you also should add heatsink (if it is really 3w LED it will overheai just on that star shaped heatsink)

    otherwise LED will not last verry long (led will overheat, burn and melt hotglue ...)

    here is photo of my lamp what i made year ago

    my LED is 3w but i have step up set just on 4.3V and three 1/4w resistors in series which is also not ideal (i wanted it as small as is possible LED is also not driven by full current to prevent overheating)

    Creative creator
    Creative creator

    Reply 4 years ago

    thank you!!

    btw Which type of boost converter you are using ?