Introduction: Super Capacitor Power Bank-The 5 Minute Charger DIY With Fast Charging.

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We know that super capacitors are the future and many researches are going on to make out the best possible use of super capacitors, I thought of this application where we can use a super capacitor to make a power bank that could charge from 0-100% in just 4-5 minutes and can deliver energy to our smartphone for 30 -40 minutes,This design can be improved further.So It will be great if you people come up with some interesting ideas to improve it further. Please press the vote button on top right corner if you like this project.

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Now to make this power bank just follow the schematics and you will be able to build this power bank in just 5 minutes.

Click Here For Project Schematics and How To Make It:

Note: You can increase no. of super-capacitors in order to increase it's charge holding capacity and one of the most important thing is you should connect it in parallel rather than in series.

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