How to Make Super Easy Halloween Shadow Boxes (Dollar Tree Stuff and Cricut)

Introduction: How to Make Super Easy Halloween Shadow Boxes (Dollar Tree Stuff and Cricut)

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The dollar store is my best friend when it comes to crafts! I love that you can take something so ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary! In this video tutorial I will show you step by step how to create your own personalized Halloween shadow box using dollar store items. Such a simple craft, but looks amazing in the end.


Step 1: Shortlist Your Designs

You can either buy the SVG files from or get them off Google and clean them up on Design Space.

Step 2: Customize Your Designs

You don't have to get stuck with the designs the way they are. You can change them and make them more fun.

To change the color:

First click on the design (Happy Halloween) and then select the ungroup button on the right hand side corner. This will ungroup all the pieces in the design.

Next click on the part that you want to change the color of (Happy) and select a color from the top left corner. Do the same with 'Halloween'.

To change size:

I know the size of the shadow boxes I am working with. So, 5 by 4 suits me. To change the size, go to the Unlock button on the top and then enter the dimensions in the space next to the button.

You can change things around as you please.

Step 3: Attach the Design Elements

Once you are done making the changes, do remember to attach those parts of the design which need to cut out together. For instance, it makes sense to attach the webs and the spiders so that the alignment remains the same when they cut out. The same goes for the letters of 'Happy' and 'Halloween'. Select the word 'Happy', then holding the CTRL (control) button down, select 'Halloween'. Then go to the 'Attach' button at the right bottom of the screen and click on it.

Step 4: Hide the Designs You Don't Want to Work on Yet

Once you are done customizing your designs, and know which ones you won't be working with, simply hide them. Select the design and then click on the 'i' button on the top right corner. They will not be printed, but will remain safe.

Step 5: Check Your Designs

Hit the green 'Make it' button on the right corner. The system will show you how the designs will look on each mat. The witch's hat is showing up on a mat other than black. It is probably because it is a really dark shade of gray. I intend to cut it out in black, for which I need to transfer it over to black.

To move an object to another color mat:

Select the design. It will give you the 'Move Object' option. Click on it. Then click on the mat you want to move it to and then 'Continue'.

Step 6: Mirror the Designs

If you plan to stick your designs inside the box, make sure you mirror the images. You don't need to mirror them if you intend to paste them on the outside. Turn on the 'Mirror' option for each design you want mirrored.

Tip: Sticking your designs on the inside will keep them safe from scratches.

Step 7: Prepare the Box

Take a Dollar Tree shadow box and peel off the back cover carefully. Next, open up the two hooks. Remove the second cover and then the white backing. Take a paper and empty out the sequins on the paper to use later.

Next clean up any words printed on the box. You can use nail paint remover or acetone. Acetone is a lot stronger and quicker.

Now, dab some cotton in alcohol and give the box a quick wipe with it. Let it dry for sometime.

Step 8: Stick the Designs Onto the Box

Place the transfer tape on the design and run the scraper over it. Then slowly peel off so that you have the image on the transfer tape. Next, stick this tape onto the inner side of the box. Use the scraper if there is enough room, otherwise, just run your fingers over it, to make the design stick well to the surface. Then slowly peel the transfer tape off. Stick all elements of the design onto the box.

Step 9: Seal the Box

The box originally came with a white backing, but I want it to be orange. So, using the original backing as a guide, I cut out a piece of orange cardstock. Next, put back all the sequins and then the backing. Put the box cover on top of it. Now bend the hooks to hold the cover in place. Your box is ready.

Step 10: The Final Look

And this is how they turned out.

For under $2, it's definitely a craft trying.

Happy Crafting!

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