How to Make Tattoo Machine at Home - Homemade Tattoo Machine

Introduction: How to Make Tattoo Machine at Home - Homemade Tattoo Machine

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Hi guys, welcome to my new project : Tattoo Machine. In this article, I will show you How to Make Tattoo Machine At Home

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Step 1: Tools You Need

1. DC Motor

2. Battery

3. Glue Gun

4. Pen

5. Black Tape

6. Switch

7. Pinium

8. Single steel

9. Needle

Step 2: Insert Needle Into Pen

Now insert needle into pen and in the back side of the needle inflect it as like picture.

Step 3: Attached Small Steel

Now attached a small steel with pen using glue gun, see the picture.

Step 4: Add Pinium With Dc Motor

Now Add pinium with dc motor and make a small hole in the pinium to attached needle. See the picture

Step 5: Attached Needle With Pinium

Now attached needle with pinium where u make a small hole as like picture.

Step 6: Attached Dc Motor With Steel

Now attached dc motor with steel which is already attached with pen. See the picture.

Step 7: Add Black Tape

Now add black tape with dc motor and steel also pen and steel.

Step 8: Attached Battery With Pen

Now Attached battery with pen using glue gun.

Step 9: Attached Dc Motor, Switch and Battery Cable

Now Attached Dc Motor, switch and battery cable.

Step 10: Connect With Battery and Add Switch

Now Connect with battery and add switch into top of the battery using glue gun. see the picture.

Step 11: Now Tattoo Machine Is Ready to Use

Now Tattoo Machine is ready to Use And create tattoo. Like and Share this with your friends.

I hope you like this article. If you confuse any of the steps you can watch full video into my video here:

Thank you for reading my instruction and watching my video.

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    4 years ago on Step 11

    To me, your homemade model reminded the Generic Rotary tattoo machine;)