How to Make Time- 5 Steps

Introduction: How to Make Time- 5 Steps

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Do you want more time in your life and less stress? Read on to learn how you can make time in your life for all the things you love!


Daily Planner or Calendar

Storage boxes/ cupboards

Step 1: Make a Daily Plan at the Beginning of Each Week

Add to your plan in order of priority;

  • appointments
  • jobs/ tasks
  • menus
  • social activities.

Step 2: Learn to Live Without Clutter

  • Label drawers and cupboards to encourage everyone to put things away
  • Keep table and kitchen tops clutter free
  • Keep on top of putting things away by putting them in places where they can easily be taken to be stored
  • Every season collect a bag of unused/unwanted items to take to your local charity shop

Step 3: Don't Waste Time

Find ways to regulate how and when you do regular things/tasks;

  • Go grocery shopping just once a week and learn to live without until the next week.
  • Limit TV and computer games and only participate once all other tasks have been done. Plan viewing and gaming sessions, turning off once they have ended.
  • Get the family bikes and teach them the huge benefits of cycling and walking, rather than being taxied around.
  • Limit your phone calls
  • Leave mobiles in their place, rather than on your person, so that you aren't tempted to keep looking at them and everyone knows that you aren't always available.
  • Don't let time run away with you!

Step 4: Know the Seasons

Regulate what you do at certain challenging times of your life. For example, if you've just had a baby, moved house, been ill or bereaved etc...give yourself less demands and where possible, move non-urgent tasks to another week.. At other times, you might have more energy than normal to pick up some of those things you have had to put off.

Step 5: Believe You Can Find Time

Never tell your friends or family that you don't have time for them. Just arrange a future date when you do have time. Understand that some things do take more time than others.

How To Make Time And Enjoy Healthy Living

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