How to Make Tissue Paper Roses




Introduction: How to Make Tissue Paper Roses

Making Paper Flower is one of my hobby! To be frank, I love

to show off my work. Every Time I make something new I took them to my mom to show her my new skill. And I feel very proud! Gosh.. silly me..

This beautiful flower is easy enough for kids to make, but grown-ups might want to make it too! I hope with the video tutorial along with the information, you will be able to make tissue paper roses that look like real roses, in minutes!

We will need:

1. Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

2. Wooden chopstick

3. Flower Stick

4. Flower Tape

5. And Glue

let get started

Step 1: Get Your Tissue Paper Ready and Cut the Flower Petal

I have used 6 piece of tissue paper to make the small petal.

Arrange them equally according to the picture then cut in the center then shape as petal.

After that I have used another 5 piece of tissue paper to make the bigger petal.

Step 2: Curl and Wrinkle the Tissue Paper Slightly to Make Carve

. I have used toothpick to make the shape.

Step 3: Wind the Tissue Paper Around the Flower Stick to Make the Flower Shape.

Step 4: Secure the Paper Rose Petals With Wire Using Glue and Thread and Roll the Paper Into a Rose.

Step 5: Cut Out the Leaves and Add Them With the Flower.

I have used 5 cm round paper and fold it in half. Again fold

it in half then cut in V shape. Sharp the head like leaf and trim the center. Then open it.

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    Tip 1 year ago

    Have a simple diagram to show sizes, in inches, of needed pieces of tissue paper.
    Eg.: Cut a ribbon of pink tissue 2 inches by 24 inches.


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    These are probably the most beautiful TP roses I’ve ever seen and not too hard to make. Can I use regular gift wrap tissue paper instead and if so would they work the same? I’m making a huge # 21 piñata for my nieces 21st birthday and wanted to fill the front with open bloomed roses glued on, but I think colored toilet paper would cost too much for this big of a space that I need to to fill. See my picture of the piñata example that I’m targeting the look of and which the flowers are made from gift wrap tissue but obviously they don’t look as nice as yours do. Thoughts? Tips? Thank you again for this great tutorial and I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Treasure Tabby
    Treasure Tabby

    2 years ago

    Very nice but around here, the stores haven't carried coloured toilet paper since the late 80's. So the only thing available is coloured tissue paper you usually use for gift bags and boxes. Mostly found in dollar stores, pharmacies and other places you can find gift wrapping supplies.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I didn’t know there was colored toilet paper back then! Crepe paper would work just as well, if not better (for the craft, not the toilet 😆)

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    These are lovely :)

    You should consider entering the Paper Contest :)