Introduction: How to Make Tofu Percerdes by Putri Jalila Umasugi.

Heloo friends now i show you how to make percerdes Tofu.

Ingredients you need prepare.

follow it to the end guys.


1. 7 pieces of Tofu
2.1 egg
3.1 tablespoons of crispy seasoning flour
4.Garlic to taste.
5.To taste Masako chicken and pepper.
6. cooking oil to taste.

Materials that are mashed:
1. 5 cloves of garlic
2. 1 / 2 sdt pepper
3. 1 / 2 sdm salt

Step 1: How to Make Percerdes Tofu

1. Puree the tofu with a fork / spoon until it is quite crushed. set aside.

2. Then add the flour and spices that have been mashed and mix well.

3. Add egg, chicken masako and pepper to taste, mix well and test the taste.

4. the form of tofu dough according to taste.

5. then fry in a hot oil, over medium heat, fry until golden yellow, remove from heat and drain.

Step 2: Finally

percerdes Super delicious Tofu ready to be served as a snack / side dish.
Thank you.