Introduction: How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Case

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Making pencil case from toilet paper roll, it's really

exciting. It's easy and low cost. And it's a perfect gift idea for kids.

Material you need for this project:

1) 2 toilet paper rolls

2)felt (yellow, pink, light brown, black)

3) acrylic paint (yellow)

4) glue

Step 1: Making Pencil:

First, we will take 2 tissues roll one is the lower part of the pencil case and the other one is for the upper part. Then take a pencil and measure the height and then cut the roll.

Then the small part of the tissue rolls needs cut and rejoin and then put inside the lower part of the case and glue it. Then take a hard paper and cut it 2 circle shapes and a cone shape. That circle shape glues it with the lower part of the case and the upper part of the case. Then the cone shape needs to attach to the upper part of the case.

Step 2: Finishing:

Now our pencil case base is ready, we need do the outer part.

So now we will take the light brown felt and stick with glue to the cone shape and take a small black felt and stick it on the top of the cone. Then the rest of the 2 parts need to cover with yellow felt. So upper part should look like a pencil, then lower part bottom area we will use pink felt which is 2inch and then gray felt 2inch just stick on the ½ inch of the pink felt, so it will look like an eraser. Then we need color the inside of the pencil case with yellow acrylic color and dry it. And you are done. Your pencil case is ready.

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