Introduction: How to Make Touch ON/OFF Switch for Home Appliances

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This Is A Touch ON/OFF Switch Without Any Microcontroller. You Can Touch Your Finger👆 First Time On Metal Plate Then Light Bulb💡 ON And After Removing Finger Light Bulb💡 Stay ON. You Can Touch Your Finger👆 Second Time on Metal plate Then Light Bulb💡 OFF And After Removing Finger Light Bulb💡 Stay OFF. This Process Continue Work.

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Step 1: Connect Metal Plate With PNP Transistor

Connect Any Metal Or Copper Plate With Base Terminal Of PNP Transistor. Connect Transistor Emitter With +12v Power Supply. And Collector Work As A Output.

Step 2: Introduction OF Sequencelly Switching Circuit

Sequencelly Switching Circuit Work As A Storage Device. In This Circuit The Circuit Work As A Controller.

Step 3: How to Connect Sensor Circuit With Sequencelly Switching Circuit

Let's Connect PNP Transistor Collector With Input Terminal OF Sequencelly Switching Circuit.

Step 4: Connect Home Appliances With This Circuit

Connect Output Transistor And Relay Accordinng This Circuit Diagram.