Introduction: How to Make Transformer-less AC to DC Converter Circuit

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How to make Transformer-less AC to DC Converter Circuit (250 Volt to 60 Volt) | Homemade

***Important Notes ***

1. Can power 20 led to 50 leds

2. Input 100 v to 250v

3. Output volt and current can be adjusted using resistor.

4. Output current max 100ma

5. Output current can be also be increased by adding capacitor in parallel.

6. Use zener diode if you want fixed output voltage

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Step 1: Things You Need

1. Polyester 0.47uF/250v Capacitor

2. 470uF/50v Electrolytic Capacitor

3.1N4007 Diodes - 4

4. 220 Ohm Resistor

5 37 Ohm Resistor

6. 330k Ohm Resistor

7. Soldering Equipment & Wires

Step 2: Circuit Diagram & Construction

Construct the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram.

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