Introduction: How to Make Tulip Origami

Written by Derek McClellan, Marisa Colliluori, and Rathana Pim

Step 1: Find an 8” X 11” Piece of Paper

Step 2: Fold One of the Corners Inwards in Order to Create a Triangle

Step 3: Cut All Excess Paper From the Edge

Step 4: Open the Triangle to Reveal a Perfect Square

Step 5: Fold the Square the Opposite Way, From Corner to Corner, to Create an X Shape in the Folds

Step 6: Unfold the Paper Back to Square Shaped, and Then Fold Corner to Corner to Create a Rectangle

Step 7: Unfold Once More and Then Fold Edge to Edge Again to Create an Asterisk Shape

Step 8: Hold Both Middle Creases, and Pull Them Down Towards the Center

Step 9: Take the Top Edge of the Shape You Now Have and Fold It Towards the Bottom So You Have a Sort of Triangle

Step 10: Take the Top Two Flap Corners and Fold Them Down Towards the Bottom Corner

Step 11: Turn the Paper Over and Repeat on the Other Side

Step 12: Ensure You Have a Small Diamond Shape, Flip It Over, and Then Fold One Corner of the Diamond Over to the Other Side

Step 13: Flip the Paper Over and Repeat the Same Thing

Step 14: Make Sure the Point With the Hole Is Pointing Toward the Bottom. Do Not Rotate It for Step 15 Thru Step 17

Step 15: Here Comes the Hard Part, Take Both Sides of the Flap and Fold It a Bit Over the Center Line (the Bottom Finger on the 2nd Picture Is Pointing at the Center Line)

Step 16: Insert One of the Folded Flaps Into the Other

Step 17: Get a Small Piece of Tape and Tape the Bottom of the Triangle That Was Created From Inserting One Flap Into Another

Step 18: After Ensuring Your Shape Is Nice and Flat, Repeat the Same Process on the Other Side *** Make Sure the Point With the Hole Still Point to the Bottom ***

Step 19: Make Sure You Have a Small Kite Shape, and Then Insert Your Fingers Into the Compartments on Either Side and Pull the Paper Apart, But Make Sure to Support the Outside and Be Gentle, As Not to Pull Your Creation

Step 20: Insert a Small Object, Like a Pencil, Into the Hole on the Bottom, and Inflate the Tulip. (WARNING: You Could Also Blow Into It, But This Poses a Risk of Pulling Apart the Folds, and Is, Therefore, Less Safe)

Step 21: Take the Four Flaps on the Outside of Your New Prism Shape and Curl Them Down Using Some Sort of Round Object, Such As a Pencil OR Just Pull Them Down Slowly. If You Flip It Over You Get a Sweet Top

Step 22: Get the Leftover Rectangle Piece of Paper. Fold the Paper Over Numerous Times to Create a Long, Thin Strip (hot Dog Style), and Insert It Into the Bottom Hole of the Tulip

Step 23: Admire Your Handiwork