Introduction: How to Make Vacuum Cleaner

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Hi , Today I am making a diy vacuum cleaner which can clean most of the small particles,as I was working with styrofoam project there tiny particles are so hard to collect so I got this idea to make a simple portable vacuum cleaner which works on 12v adaptor and easy to carry.

Step 1: Things We Need

1x Plastic container

1x 12v CPU fan

1x 12v plug

2x bottle caps

1x wood stick

1x 1 feet basin pipe

1x metal wire net

Step 2: Fitting the Fan

Place the fan over the lid and mark the inside circle of the fan and cut out the part, place the fan again and glue it from all four points

Step 3: Power the Fan

solder the 12v and ground in the 12v plug and glue it just right next to the fan

Step 4: Putting the Filter

Cut out the wire as dimension of the inside box and glue it over from all three sides

Step 5: Pipe Inlet

Place the pipe over the front of plastic box mark the circle and cut it out , place pipe over the inlet hole and glue the pipe

Step 6: Giving It Wheels

Drill holes in the bottom backside of the box and make 2 holes and same in the bottle caps as well , put the wood stick and cross it from the box to the tyres and secure it with glue

Our DIY vacuum cleaner is ready to work ,please watch it in video for more details.

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