Introduction: How To: Make Vibrant Colored Grout

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It's super easy, very cheap, and lots of fun to color your grout instead of using the same ol' same ol' off-the-shelf colors.

Step 1: First, Tile.

Tile up whatever you're tiling such as a backsplash, floor, wall.

Step 2: Test Colors.

There are two easy ways to do this: use Tints All or acrylic paint. Be aware that the colors may dry lighter once mixed with the grout so do a few sample test pieces.

Step 3: Mix.

My particular formula was about 2.5 lbs of unsanded grout and the full 8 ounce bottle of acrylic paint to get the most color possible. Add water slowly, mix, let it sit about ten minutes.

Step 4: Scare Yourself.

Grout as usual. Freak yourself out that you ruined your tile.

Step 5: Clean Up and Enjoy.

Once it all cleaned up, it turned out great!

Step 6: Revel.

Here's a comparison shot of the color in the bottle and the dried grout. Do a little dance that your grout is now unique and fun! Come on by my blog Flipping the Flip at for the full story, and much much more!