Introduction: How to Make Video Game Beadsprite Using Perler Beads

What are Beadsprites?

Beadsprites are a fun yet simple craft where you make a pixel-like design by placing different colored beads on a peg board and melting them together. Perler beads are the brand/type of bead used.

Step 1: What You Need to Get Started:

  • Perler Beads: A 1,000 bead pack of a specific color will be around $2-5 and can be found online, at arts and crafts/hobby stores. For this instruction set we created Mario from Super Mario Bros as an example and used the colors red, sand, and brown.
  • One (5.7”x5.7”) Perler peg board: They are around $5 and available where Perler beads are.
  • Wax paper (wax paper is included with pegboard; parchment paper will work as well).
  • A clean, flat surface to craft on and iron on.
  • A design idea /reference to follow. The pattern followed and pictured from this instruction set available at:
  • Optional items: Tweezers (to help place the beads onto the pegboard) and bowels/containers (to keep the beads in).

Picture source:

Step 2: Reference Pattern:

The colors needed are brown (54 beads), sand (44 beads), and red (45 beads).

Image source:

Step 3: Making Your Beadsprite:

  • Once your supplies are gathered you can begin on your design
  • Following your pattern, begin placing the beads on the board (using your fingers or tweezers) until your sprite has taken shape.

Step 4: Making Your Beadsprite:

  • Note!!! An adult should operate the iron if young children are present.
  • Turn your iron to medium heat (turn off the steam setting if there is one). Set your wax paper over your sprite and then gently iron over the design in a circular motion until the holes in the beads have melted shut; This should take 10-20 seconds or until you can see that the sprite has melted thoroughly (the wax paper is somewhat translucent so you will be able to see if there are still holes in the sprite before removing it).

Step 5: Making Your Beadsprite:

  • Allow your beadsprite to cool for a few minutes and then remove from the pegboard. If you would like both sides to look melted, simply repeat the ironing steps for the other side.
  • The beadsprite is now yours to enjoy!