How to Make Walkthrough Bricks on Roblox

Introduction: How to Make Walkthrough Bricks on Roblox

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I you want to make a house with a door that you can you through,well look at this instructable! I'm making this on a mac.
NOTE:Please comment!Not mean stuff… but plz leave me comments for me too know what you want to make on roblox studio or roblox so i can make an inscructable about it.

Step 1: Going to Roblox Studio

Well now you dowload or open roblox studio 2013.And remember,this is on a mac so the application may be different.

Step 2: Insertring a Brick

Go to "build" mod and wait ... .Take a normal brick by clicking this little block thingy down below.

Step 3: Making Sure Your Block Is Stable

You going to place a random block and youl anchore it by clicking option/alt+A,then click then block.

Step 4: Opening Your Necessary Icons

Now click the drag icon,then you click on the modified block(simple explication;select your block).Then your going to open propreties.

Step 5: Making Your Block Walkthrough-able

Now it should look like this.NOTE:UNCHECK THE INDICATED BOX!
Now test it by walking trough it.

Step 6: Adding Me on ROBLOX and Friending Me

Friend me on roblox!Friendlycoralie and coolcoco2013*alt*but also me!Email me on instructable or at coolcoco2013!Send me emails for tutorials!

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    5 years ago

    Thanks so much its a little outdated but still cool

    Pan Zijin
    Pan Zijin

    Reply 5 years ago

    Haha, sorry. It is outdated indeed, but i posted this in December :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    lol newer versions there's a check mark that says 'CanCollide' it's so easy in new version