Introduction: How to Make Waterfall Dolphin Fountain|Indoor Water Fountain|Easy Waterfall Tutorial

Welcome to my video, in this tutorial I will show you how to make awesome / unique style fountain with dolphin. I hope you will like it. Please like, comment and also subscribe my channel.

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Black Cement


Barbeque Sticks

Hot Glue Gun

Electric Wire


Acrylic Colors –Yellow Ochre, Azul Brillante

Cement Colors – Buff & Mahogany

Polyester Net

Stainless Steel Shower - 4x4

Detail Knife

Iron Stick

Silver Pipe

Binding Wire

Plastic Rope

Golden Spray

Water Pipe

PVC Pipe – 3”x 15”

Plastic Bucket

Crush & Sand

Submersible Water Pump DC 12V with 12V Power Supply

Wire Cutter

Soldering Iron

Transparent Silicone

Silver Pipe

LED Lights – DC 12V

Step 1: Use of Styrofoam

  • I used Styrofoam to make fountain.
  • I used Soldering Iron to cut Styrofoam.
  • I used Barbeque Sticks and Hot Glue Gun to fix all pieces of Styrofoam.

Step 2: Use of Cement

  • I used Black Cement with cement colors on Styrofoam.
  • I used liquid cement colors Buff & Mahogany on it.
  • I used Polyester Net to make it hard.
  • Let it dry approximately 24 hours.

Step 3: Use of Stainless Steel Shower

  • I used Stainless Steel Shower 4x4.
  • I used acrylic color Yellow Ochre on fountain.
  • I used 3 " PVC Pipe to make its stand.
  • I used plastic rope on stand to make it beautiful.
  • I used hot glue gum to fix plastic rope.
  • I used iron sticks, binding wire and concrete for stand.

Step 4: Use of Submersible Water Pump

  • I used water pipe to fix Submersible Water Pump and shower.
  • I used DC 12V LED Lights – Blue & Purple.
  • I used acrylic color Azul Brillante on dolphin.

Step 5: Final Pictures

  • Here are few final beautiful pictures of my dolphin fountain.