Introduction: How to Make Waterfall Statue / Indoor Fountain

Welcome to my video, in this tutorial I will show you how to make awesome / unique style of statue fountain. I hope you will like it. Please like, comment and also subscribe my channel.


Plastic Tub

PVC Pipe 7 Inch


Hot Glue Gun

Patching Plaster

Spray Paint – Cream White


Plastic Water Pipe

Acrylic Color – Bright Blue

Electric Wire

Submersible Water Pump along with 12V Power Supply


Transparent Silicone

Wire Cutter

LED Lights – DC 12V

Step 1: Use of Styrofoam

  • I used plastic tub.
  • I used styrfoam for making base.
  • I used water pipe.
  • I used LED Lights – DC 12V.

Step 2: Use of Coloring

  • I used statue.
  • I used cream white spray paint.

Step 3: Final Pictures

Here are few final pictures of my fountain.

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