Introduction: How to Make Welding Rods Storage Container

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I want to share some of my experiences with you from the time I've worked as welder in a metal shop - Mostly fieldwork.

Some unknown facts about electrode life:

1. You always find some scattered in the back of the truck.

2. Every once in a while, you pick up a carton of electrodes and only stay with cardboard in your hand.

3. The trouser pockets become a legitimate storage place for electrodes.

4. You got holes in your pockets because of fact number three.

5. You find yourself walking around with a black bucket full of electrodes.

6. You have to keep them dry and not be exposed to moisture. (See Step number 9 )

So I created a simple and convenient storage tool for electrodes.

The main points I thought about when I built this container:

1. One place to keep them intact.

2. Get rid of the carton.

3. Using available and common materials.

4. Rigid & strong.

5. Easy to open and close.

With this container Your electrodes will be very well protected.

An hour or two of work And You'll have a cool & rigid storage tool.

Hope you will like this project, and if you have any comments,
Please write to me. Thank you!

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Step 1: ​Tools & Materials

Tools & Materials:

1. 60X60 mm Galvanized profile 3 mm thick (36 Cm long)

2. 60x60 mm Galvanized sheet metal (x2) 3 mm thick

3. Toggle clip

4. Hinge

5. Welder

6. Tape meter & Pencil

7. Hammer

8. Gloves

9. Protective headphones

10. Protective glasses

11. L-Square

12. Cutting disc

13. Flap disc

14. Angle Grinder

15. Welding Helmet

16. Welding gloves (Not shown in the picture)

17. Locking C-Clamp (Not shown in the picture)

18. File (Not shown in the picture)

Step 2: 6x6 Cm Profile

Step 3: Measure & Mark

Measure the length of the electrodes you normally use and add one cm to the general length.

Step 4: Close One Side of the Profile

Take a 3 mm sheet metal surface and weld it in three points at the corners.

Cut the excess extra material.

weld all around.

Grind the welding until it's smooth and Nice.

Step 5: Remove Sharp Edges With File

Step 6: Prepare the Lid

Cut another sheet metal (3 mm thick) to the profile dimensions (6x6 Cm).

Step 7: Lid Hinge

Weld one side of the hinge to the profile and the other side to the lid.

Step 8: Toggle Clip

Weld the Toggle clip to the profile and to the lid.

Be careful not to melt the Toggle clip!

Another option is to use Rivets.

Step 9: Done & Thoughts for Improvement

After I finished making the container and showed it to Welders, I was advised to add a sealing to prevent moisture in the container.

To get good performance in welding, it is important that the electrodes remain dry.

I want to try to glue rubber on the bottom of the lid, Think it's going to do the trick.

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