Introduction: How to Make Wildlife Diorama

I tried to make wildlife diorama, through this diorama I represented the love and feeling of animals.The beauty of dryness is also the part of nature and rainy season again brings lots of happiness and joy.

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Step 1: Molded Rocks

Filled little part with plaster of paris than fix molded rocks on it like i did. I made the all rocks with plaster of paris ,using silicon mold. Fixed all the stone step by step .After fixing it now fill remaining portion with air dry modeling clay.Now mark prints on wet clay.

Step 2: Picks of Foot Print

Few pics of animals foot prints which i made.

Step 3: Tree and Bushes Fixing /dry Pond

Here I fixed few bushes and tree on the diorama. Use air dry modeling clay to fix the tree. For making dry pond i used Epoxy resin.

Step 4: Beautiful Pics of Diorama

Here are few pics of diorama.

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