Introduction: How to Make Windows 7 Sound Like Windows 95

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Today, If you already look at my instructable called how to make windows 7 look like windows 95, Today, I'm gonna show you how to make windows 7 sound like windows 95, simple. If you want to make it sound like windows 98, follow the same steps but click on the link below.

Step 1: Download Sounds

First download the windows 95 sounds. You can grab them from here:

Step 2: Set the Sounds.

Now you have the sounds, go to sounds in control panel and click browse on sounds but first, select none. then for critical stop, select chord. for exclamation, select ding, for asterisk, select chimes. For exit windows, select tada, Then you have to change startup sound. learn how to change the startup sound here:

You have to select Microsoft for the startup sound and save it as a vbs file.

Step 3: Done.

Now you have the sounds, the new sounds are added and the windows 95 sounds will play!