Introduction: How to Make Wireless Robotic Arm With Airsoft Bullets

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Hi friends in this instructable i will show you how to make wireless robot arm which can swing, Move in up and down direction and shoot airsoft bullets with the control of wireless remote

Step 1: Https:// video for those who hate reading!

Step 2: Soldering BO Motors

Solder the BO Motor also called as gear motors to the wires

Step 3: Making the Base

Cut the Cardboard in circular shape which forms the base for robot arm and attach a cap to it the cap is having a hole which is having bigger diameter compared to BO Motor shaft

Step 4: Attaching BO Motors

Step 5: Making Side Borders

Attach lengthy cardboard strip to sides of the base using hot glue

Attach the top side with BO Motor holders

Step 6: Finishing Top Side Part of the Arm

follow the images to finish up the upper part of arm

Step 7: Making Airsoft Part of Arm

Attach air motor to the syringe and follow up the steps shown in image

Step 8: Wireless Part Attachment

Wireless Transmitter and Receiver is connected as per the circuit shown in image u can follow ur own method based upon wiring

Step 9: Coupling Everything Together

Couple all the things together as shown in image and enjoy the ROBOT ARM