Introduction: How to Make Wood Signs and Messages for a Wedding

Nowadays you can easily find free wood pallets everywhere and you can make very nice things out of it. With one wood pallet you can extract many pieces of wood to make signs and messages for a wedding for example.

Step 1: Find Wood Pallets

In the picture you see, it's just a piece of the wood pallet that was cut out.

Step 2: Saw in Smaller Pieces

You can saw small pieces of wood out of the wood pallets. The pieces we have got are around 44x7cm.

Step 3: Smoothen the Wood

You need to smooth out the wood in order to have the laser engraving not rough. You can also make the edges. We used an electric sander instead of manual sand paper. That makes life much easier. We used sand paper 60 in the beginning to remove the old surface and 120 to finish it.

Step 4: Laser Engrave the Messages

The signs and messages were laser engraved on the pieces of wood we have smoothen out. The files were done by using Illustrator and later Inkscape. It can be easily done with these software. You just need to write the text with the font type and size you want, then you look for the option to create the outline. Remember to make on the correct size you want. These pieces of wood are 44x7cm. In the sign that says "Parking" and "Wedding" I put together 3 pieces so the total was 44x21cm. In the laser machine I just put the pieces next to each other and later on I put the pieces together.

Step 5: Put Them Together

All the pieces of wood were engraved separately and put together afterwards except for the ones that says "Wedding" and "Parking". These were laser engraved at the same time but also put together afterwards. The way we put them together is simply using some short and thin nails so it doesn't go through both pieces of wood. We also put some nails from the back to have it more stable.