Introduction: How to Make Your Brother Printer Accept a Toner Cartridge

Has your Brother printer ever told you your toner cartridge needed to be replaced and refused to print any more even though you knew you could just shake the cartridge and get another 50 pages out of it? Or maybe you bought a less expensive replacement cartridge and your printer would not accept it because it wasn't a genuine Brother toner cartridge? Well, this short Instructable tells you the key sequence needed to over-ride the printer's rejection of a cartridge. This works on my Brother MFC-7860DW, but may work on other models as well.

Step 1: Manually Reset the Toner Message

1. Open the front cover and press <Clear>

2. When you see the message "Replace Drum? 1.Yes 2. No" ignore it, and instead press '*'

3. Now press '1' and then '2'

Hopefully your printer is now ready to go!

Step 2: What If That Didn't Work?

Maybe you have a different model of printer, or maybe Brother changes it from time to time. So, I'll tell you how I got this sequence of keystrokes. I bought a genuine Brother replacement cartridge for my printer, and it didn't work. I called the help line and after requesting the serial number of the cartridge so they could verify that it was genuine, they gave me these key-strokes. So, if this doesn't work for you, get hold of a genuine cartridge, call Brother, and tell them your printer won't accept the cartridge. Eventually, they'll (hopefully) give you the right series of keystrokes to reset the toner message. And hopefully you'll post it on Instructables!

Good luck!