Introduction: How to Make Your Cigarette Lighter Wearable

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Let your cigarette lighter wearable

As a smoker, how cruel it is if I lost my cigarette lighter! I used to think how wonderful with a wearable cigarette lighter. So it comes into being.

From the picture, we see it is a kind of big, but anyway I like it! The cool lighter is attractive. Different from traditional cigarette lighter, it kindled by arc, controlled flame by bottom-touch. The touch bottom uses the function touch from GPIO itself of FireBeetle Board-ESP32. What’s more, it is a watch too.

Step 1: Hardware

Hardware in need:

High-voltage booster coil for Arc lighter ×1

NPN Triode×1

51Ω Resister×1

1KΩ Resister×1

1N4007 Diode×1

Powerful Triode×1

ESP32 WiFi & Bluetooth Dual-Core MCU Module×1

FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board×1

FireBeetle Covers-24×8 LED Matrix×1

3.7V Lithium Cell×1

Caution: You can go to DFRobot official web to buy electronic components.

Step 2: Hardware Connection

Schematic and drawing, shown as below

Soldering electronic components to FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board according to the image and connects a control pin of lighter to D3 of FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board by wire. You can also connect to D3 of FireBeetle Board-ESP32 directly, for the compatibility of FireBeetle series is great! Connecting Vcc to Vcc (Covers-Proto Board), GND to GND (FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board).
P.s I am so sorry if you do not understand the drawing. 1. Connecting touch wares. FireBeetle Board-ESP32 has touch function itself and I chose T3 (A4) and T5 (MCLK/IO12) to be connected. (If you are confused about the reference pins, FireBeetle Board-ESP32 user manual could help you.)

2. Connecting LED light board, FireBeetle Board-ESP32 and soldered expansion board, shown as below.

About connection, I put pin and female pin together and put the lithium cell between them.

Step 3: Crust Assembly-1

The curst printed by Overlord 3D printer, you can click here to download the source document.

Firstly, let the touch-sensitive wires go through the bottom assembling holes reserved before respectively, shown as below.

Step 4: Crust Assembly-2

Heating screws and spring washer with a heat gun to fix them to crust easier and more convenient (this is the touch bottom).

Caution: Do not touch a spring washer by hand. Fix the spring washer to crust, ensuring the connection between plate and wires.

Caution: The two output wires of high voltage coil should go through the crust.

Step 5: Crust Assembly-3

Fixing the whole crust with hot melt adhesive. Connecting wristband and cigarette lighter with magic tapes respectively, shown as below.

Step 6: Download the Program

Download the Program to the cigarette lighter.

Click here to download the source code.

Finally, well down!