Introduction: How to Make Your Own Custom Full Size Homemade Movie Posters

Ever wanted to make your own full size custom posters but didn't want to spend $20? Well do I have a solution for you! All you need to know are how to use a computer, scissors, and tape. I stumbled across the solution when I was making the hoverboard from Back to The Future 2. I couldn't print the entire decal because it was too huge. I then split the image in three parts and printed them out. I then joined them back together and reinforced the back side with masking tape. This process makes the poster durable and feel like the real thing. After the board was done I realized that this method could be applied on a bigger scale. I refined the process over a few months. Now I can take a 4 megabyte picture and split in into 12 pieces, print them out, and then reunite the pieces to make a 2*4 foot poster. The materials are listed below.

1. A color printer. ( I used my school's so I didn't spend a dime!)
2. Masking tape or any kind of durable tape. DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE. IT WILL RIP THE PAPER.
3. A high resolution image. Preferably over 1 megabyte.
4. Scissors
5. A Computer

Step 1: Finding an High Resolution Image

Find a high resolution image. I am using a mario poster I found on deviantart. Good places to find high res pictures is on deviantart and google images. Just filter through pictures with the size button

Step 2: Split Your Image Into Smaller Parts or Tiles

Go to . Upload the picture. This might take a while depending on how fast your internet is and how big the image you are using is. After you upload the picture, the website will ask how many rows and columns you want to split the picture into. For poster like this, divide the picture into 4 rows and 3 columns. This will keep the poster proportionate. Depending on your image this division might not work for you. You really just have to play around with these settings. For most high resolution posters this setting will work. After you input how many rows and columns you want, click "split image." It will then ask where you want to save the pictures. Just save them anywhere, it doesn't matter where it is on your computer.

Step 3: Getting Ready to Print

After you saved the images, go to Microsoft Word. Find the settings in Word that allows you to set the margins to 0. This will allow you to put the image all the way against the edge of the paper. Don't worry if your printer can't print to the edge of the paper because if you set up the document this way then the printer automatically adjusts it when you print it. You won't lose any of the image. After you put each image on a new page save the document. Now comes the printing part.

Step 4: Time to Cut Out Each Tile

After you printed each page grab some scissors or one of those things teachers use to cut lots of paper fast in straight lines. Luckily I had one of those things. Best of luck to those who don't have one of these because cutting in straight lines is key to make posters. After you acquire a cutting instrument, cut out each image you printed out. Be very careful because if you're a little off then it takes away from the illusion of the poster being one piece of paper.

Step 5: Taping It All Together

After you cut out each picture get some masking tape and  line up the pictures as best you can. After lining up the pictures, use some masking tape and tape together the pictures on the backside like this. Remember, your poster will not look amazing on the first try. Practice makes perfect.

Step 6: Reinforcement

After your done sticking the tape, reinforce the backside of the poster with layers of masking tape like this. 

Step 7: Some Posters I Made. (Sorry About It Being Sideways. Couldn't Rotate the Image.)

Thats pretty much it guys. Congratulations you made a homemade full size custom poster! If you want to mount this thing on the wall you can either pin it up or try taping it to some cardboard and sticking it to the wall with velcro. Here are some of the poster I made. A lot of them aren't official movie posters but most of them refer to video games and movies.

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