Introduction: How to Make Your Own Hologram

As part of our Maker Space course, we made a film that included the creation of our own holograms and our own music. Here I will explain how we proceed for the creative part of the hologram. Creating your own hologram is easy and accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, holograms are often associated with futuristic and impossible things. Very few people know that it is possible for them to make them themselves. This is why we are going to introduce you to this simple and simple creation.

Before anything else make sure you have the necessary equipment:

-For the prism: Pléxiglass, cutter, ruler, scotch, pencil

-For editing: software to change video backgrounds ( for example iMovie or Camtasia 3)

To observe your holograms you will have to be in the dark, enjoy!

Step 1: Create the Prism

The prism being the essential element of our project, make sure of the quality of plexiglass used (at the risk of having a bad rendering). First, draw a triangular base 10 cm, height 8 cm and draw a small line 7 cm high on the vertical, and repeat the action 4 times. Cut out the 4 triangles with the cutter and assemble them with the scotch (be careful to tighten the scotch so that your prism is stable). And now, you are only a few steps away from your holograms!

Step 2: Make Your Hologram Video

Shoot your videos first on a green or black background. To create your holograms simply copy and paste 4 times your video and turn them 180 ° for the videos of the side and 360 ° for the one below (each video will reflect on all the faces of our prism). You will eventually edit your videos for the meters on a black background and clear up your characters. And as simple as that, here you are with a holographic video.

Step 3: Enjoy

You now have all items to watch your customized holograms. All you have to do is put yourself in total black, place your prism in the center of your screen and let the magic operate!

Be aware:

*Choose carefully the quality of your plexiglass! Indeed, we had the disappointment of seeing our holograms of poor quality because of this choice. In addition, make sure to tighten enough scotch pieces (not too much risk of breaking the glass) so that the prism is stable. So it will make you more enjoyable to watch the video. Also take into consideration that the more the video images will be bigger the hologram squeezed big and realistic, we realized it afterward and had to start the whole work again.

*If I had to redo this project in the future I would try to have a bigger screen (so create a bigger prism), to be able to have a more imposing, more realistic hologram. I would also like to find a way to see the holograms without to be in the dark, playing with colors and brightness for example.