How to Make Your Own Wedding Sneakers




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Wedding Sneakers

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My Daughter got married recently and not being a very girly girl, High heels were out of the question, but she still wanted to have pretty shoes. Not finding what she wanted on the internet we decide to try and make our own. And like all Brides she wanted the Bling.

Step 1:

I did not fancy spending hour after hour gluing on every stone, so I got pretty excited when I found these self adhesive Rhinestones all you had to do was pull them off and push them onto the sneakers. I had seen personalised shoes while I was searching for wedding shoes and Loved the idea. I added her married name to the side of the shoes.

Step 2:

I used a thin felt tip pen to write the name as a guideline. I would not recommend this because mine smudged once I added the glue. Maybe a pencil would work better.

Step 3:

I added tarzan grip glue around the words and used my finger to add the Small blue rhinestones to spell out the name.

Step 4:

I also ordered small Diamante rhinestones to fill in between the words

Step 5:

The bottom section of the shoes looked a little plain so I ordered some heart stones to stick on the front.

Step 6:

Heart Rhinestones added to the front.

Step 7:

I also added the date of the wedding on the back of the shoes.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    That's such a fun idea! Comfortable and cute!