How to Make Your Own Wooden Toothpaste Squeeze-Guard




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Wooden Toothpaste Squeeze-Guard

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After a while my fingers got tired of squeezing toothpaste from one end of the tube to the other, and I didn't want to waste money on a flimsy plastic thing. So finally I made my own, and here it is!

What you need:
  A 3" x 1" x 1/4" thick piece of wood
  A Pen (Optional)
  A Simple design (Optional) 
  A Scrollsaw
  A Toothpaste Tube
  Foam brush

Step 1: Cutting and Sanding

Cut a slit in the piece of wood (make sure that the slit is big enough to slide an empty part of the toothpaste tube into it, as shown in picture, and long enough to "contain" the whole tube) and shape the piece of wood into whatever shape you like. My design is pretty simple, but you can improve on it.  Sand thoroughly with grain.

Step 2: Staining and Customizing

Clean the piece of wood with a damp cloth. Open up the stain and mix thoroughly.  Apply stain evenly and let dry.  Dab off the extra stain. Now draw a design on your piece of wood and pat yourself on the b.....Wait!!   There is more!

Step 3: Cleanup

Clean up after yourself!!!! This is the sign of a good woodworker! If you already did this, Congratulations!!!!!  Go buy yourself some chocolate! : )

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    7 years ago

    urgh!cudnt i have seen this sooner!i already have a store-bought one with the same function


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a simple and clever idea! I was just looking at my tube of toothpaste this morning wondering if there was a simple homemade solution the eternal "roll, fold, or squish" question.

    Making this tonight! Thank you!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I use the key from the tins to squeeze the toothpaste but this is simple and clever....5/5

    I usually use the side of the counter and scrape the side of the tube on the counter's edge. But this is a great and handy idea. :)