Introduction: How to Make Your Photos Look Good Even With a Bad Camera

In this tutorial I will show you a few ways to make your photos look nice, even when your camera is not the best. We will be taking a look at how to bend confusing photo editing programs such as GIMP to your will in order to give your photo some depth and focus.

Questions for the Make- to- Learn Contest:

What did you make?

I made a helpful tutorial on how to make photos look professional. This can help you show people what certain things are like in your mind.

How did you make it?

I made this by taking some photos and then going through the steps that it took me to make them look professional.

Where did you make it?

I worked on this project at my home and at my school.

What did you learn?

I learned that it can be difficult to find ways to help people but it is always fun when you do.

Step 1: Take a Picture

Step 1: Find something you want to take a picture of.
Step 2: Make sure your hands are steady (do not take any drugs before doing this)
Step 3: Take the picture.

Step 2: Retrieve the Picture

Now you must take the picture off of the camera and put it on a computer. Hopefully you know how to do this, or else there is not much that I will be able to do for you.

Step 3: Get a Free Photo Editing Program

This step is pretty self- explanatory. I would recommend GIMP, because this has the blur function. 

Step 4: EDIT!

Now use the blur function to make everything around your main object blurry. This make the main focus the object, not the quality of the picture. This will make your photos much more high-quality looking and will make you feel like a professional photographer as well.

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