Introduction: How to Make Your Speaker Better!

I want to make my speaker better because I have this problem were my speaker has no range. For example, when I'm in my pool and swim to the other side I can't hear the music playing from one side to another. I think this is special because I think a lot of people can use this because I see lots of people that have the same speakers and instead of buying the big ones that to move move it is really hard so I can help lots of people, and it pursued me to make it. I'm sharing this to the world because this is a problem with my friends and when we want to hear music we can hear a lot.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

1: Get your speaker I'm using and JBL speaker

2: Get a wooden cylinder or box ( can be any material wood, cardboard etc )

3. Cut though the cylinder so you can have access for the volume.

4. Play your music!

Step 2: Look for a Box

This step is easy you just need a container so the sound can bounce though it. This causes that the audio reaches new distances so now my speakers can hear from the one side of the pool to another without needed wires this can be found in your home.

Step 3: Before

Step 4: After

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