Introduction: How to Make Your Very Own Kaa From the Jungle Book

Who doesn't love kaa from the jungle book???Growing up he was my very favorite character in the original Disney cartoon movie, and now my son watches that same version of the jungle book movie day in and day out too and of course kaa is his favorite too, now fast forwarding to today , his birthday is coming up and all he wants is a jungle book party with kaa ........ Easy enough huh.... Well NOOOO, I spent countless hours online to trying to find any tutorials, any instructions on how to make one, now I've made stuff before but never with joint compound and sealant having said this .......clearly I'am NOT an expert , I have to admit that starting this project has been one of the easiest to start BUT one of the hardest projects to deal with while building it, But today here I've taken OUT all the guesswork and made what i think an easy to follow , easy to put together 'ible. ENJOY and let me know what u think and please if you have any suggestions on how to make it better Iam all ears :)

Step 1: Materials

Glue (any kind)
Vinegar (about 2tsp)
salt ( about 1 tsp)
2 wire hangers
All purpose joint compound ( premixed)
Cheap Toilet paper
Marine varnish or a sealant like that for a deck ( exterior) this will waterproof your model
Acrylic Paint( any kind)
Mixing bowls
1 cup ( measuring cup) and please please remember DO NOT go back and use this on food after this! It's for the joint compound and that's it's sole purpose from now on.

This whole project was done for 5.98 , the only thing I didn't have was the sealant which I bought at lowes .

****if you don't have any of these materials it will probably run you around less than 20 dollars depending on brands *****

Also----------- > remember this is for a child's bday party the fact that someone somewhere is probably gonna ride it , step on it, play with it or carry it , ( hopefully a child) but that may or may not mess is a very real possibility so remember its not that big a deal and it is very fixable .... It's paper so don't fret and don't over think it!

Step 2: Body and Face

Stretch out your two wire hangers, join them at the center and start with paper mache mix and strips of newspaper, do this the whole way around making sure that your two tire hangers stay together for this process ( gorilla tape will do the trick) do this a couple of layers I did 6 andddd make sure your wire hanger is positioned the way you want, after your paper mache this ......... Theres no going back , having said this give it a good 24 to 36 hours per layer to dry completely, now about the face..... Start w paper plates and start by making a face with waddled up newspaper and the plates for face shape , now start again joining them all together with strips and the paper mache mixture, make a heart shape to fit the eyes and a squares of mouth., add a tongue

Step 3: Seal, Color and Waterproof

After its dry completely start mixing / cup of joint compound and 1 cup of your paper mache mixture with your toilet paper pulp( it'll make a glue- like clay , start forming this over your snake form and start building features in it, I had never worked with this before making jungle book models but boy do I live it, you can create soooo much more features with this after your done find a piece of plywood or something similar to "glue down your form" use strips of newspaper and your clay to kinda glue it down , keep in mind that you need to be careful I almost dropped my snake a minimum of 6 times while working w it wait 24 to 36 hours to completely dry start painting the whole thing brown ( light) or you can also do an olive color, then do big chocolate brown squares all over its back , pay special attention to its underbelly, I put a vanilla acrylic color with a bit of brown added to it w a very dark al
It's black lines , also remember the face is the most important part of kaa , I added purple and green to give it its hypnotic nature, and dark stripes for its striking appearance .

Now don't forget to seal it with your sealant , test it on the underside first, this particular brand was awesome it did it job sealed it beautifully and now it's officially waterproofed !! Ready for your bday party, decor, room decor or a fun little project to try with your kids!!!!

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