How to Make Your Wife Happy (Chores)

Introduction: How to Make Your Wife Happy (Chores)

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Hey Husbands! Eric here from CheapAssReviews and today we're gonna show you how you can make your wife feel loved after a weekend away. Not to spoil the rest of the instructable, but it's mostly chores. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to watch the video version, check it out on my YouTube channel:

If you don't like this instructable please feel free to tell me. I love feedback!

Step 1: Make a List. Make Your Bed. Clean the Desk.

First you're going to get a piece of paper and write out your list on how to be the best husband ever. Most of these things are chores, but there's other things you can do that your wife will appreciate, even if it's not immediately apparently obviously clear.

Alright, so start out by making your bed. This is a very important step. It communicates to your wife that you are neat and tidy and that your heart roars for her like a lion, or if it's early in your marriage, a cute little baby lion.

Now tidy your room. She doesn't like any of them cables because they tangle up your lives. Break free of them by wrapping them up and hiding them in the desk drawers.

Don't hide anything for your wife. She will find it.

Step 2: Clean Living Room. Take Plate Pictures. Vacuum.

Okay, now you were trying to make some movies, so you have a bunch of junk lying around the living room. You're going to have to hide all that stuff. She does not like it when you make movies.

Now, she left all these old vintage plates from our wedding in the closet so you're going to take a picture of each one. Post them all on Etsy and hopefully they'll be gone soon.

Alright, now vacuum. It's pretty self explanatory. Just vacuum.

Step 3: Dishes. Heater. Hot Mess.

You're making good progress, but you're still a total slob. As the old saying goes, when the wife is away, the boys won't do dishes the entire time. So wash up all those dishes. That is a lot of dishes brah and you need to wash them gone. So do that!

Or buy a dishwasher.

Then turn the heater on. This is an important step. Every woman loves the heater.

Step 4: Leave the House. Get a Haircut. Buy Lunch Stuff. BUY FLOWERS!

Now it's too hot in the house to do anything, so you're going to want to leave. That's okay, it leads into your next step.

You look terrible. Honestly. You equals no bueno. The culprit is most likely your grooming, so leave the house (it might be hard) and when you come back you'll have a nice new haircut. Now you're looking good!

While you were out you should stop by the grocery store and pick up some stuff for your wife's lunches. I bought meat and cheese and bread. This way when she's at work eating lunch, she's also thinking about how helpful you are.

Now this is a very very very important step. FLOWERS. What woman doesn't like flowers? I'll tell you, she's not a woman at all because every woman likes flowers. Especially my wife, Mrs. CheapAssReviews. So get those flowers and put them in a vase. She'll go bananas and oranges.

Step 5: All Done. Kind Of. Make Video.

And that's it!

To truly finish, you could make a YouTube video about your cleaning ways or even post an instructable on it ;)

Haha, just kidding, but thanks for reading through my Instructable. If you liked it, consider checking out my YouTube channel and hope your wife loves you after her weekend away :)

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    6 years ago

    Back in the early days of our marriage, when we had next to nothing for money, I handmade a card with household chores very much like the one you show, complete with check boxes. The idea was my wife could invoke any desired labor on it by simply showing me the task she wanted done and when completed to her satisfaction, we checked it off. She loved it, and now 46 years later, she still fondly recalls that as the best birthday present she ever got. This works guys, it really works. ☺


    Reply 6 years ago

    Totally agree. Wife loved it! :)