Introduction: How to Make a 100th Day of School Project

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Our 6 year olds have to build projects for their upcoming 100th day of schools celebration. My son is really into legos and had the idea of building something using 100 legos. My wife was out at Michaels and the idea came together.

Step 1: The Design

This is really simple to make with a couple screws and an old piece of wood.

First go to a local craft store (or take an old 2x4 or piece of plywood) and create your numbers

On another piece of wood lay out your numbers (I used some old hardwood flooring I had which looked nice and held together well with wood glue)

From the back side screw in your numbers making sure your screws are not too long that they poke through the numbers. Repeat this for all 3 numbers.

Step 2: Final Finish

Once you have your template to create you can either paint or stain.

Then you get your 6 year old and have them pick out 100 various legos (we used older pieces not belonging to theme sets)

Using glue (wood glue is what we used) glue down the bottom row of legos onto the numbers in any pattern you want.

Then just simply build your creation off of those pieces. It's that simple!

Step 3: Materials & Tools

3 wood Numbers about 8 - 10 inches tall (Bought at a craft store or hand carved)

A piece of plywood or any flat thin piece of wood big enough to fit the numbers on

Table saw and/or hand saw

Screws and a screw driver


100 various legos

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