Introduction: How to Make a 13ft Tall Bookcase

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In this build i create a 13ft tall bookshelf with a rolling ladder. I use mostly maple cabinet grade plywood and rough sawn soft maple for the face frame.

If you would like to attempt this project on your own, here are a few tools I recommend!

Thanks for checking out this build!

Step 1: Breakdown Material

Begin by breaking down your plywood into the dimensions of your vertical boards. I cut mine into 11.25" strips from the large sheet, then down to final 11".

Step 2: Glue Up Parts

Rough cut down all your shelving to size. Stack them neatly so you can stare at how much work you put into the neatness of the pile, then destroy it by gluing everything up. I use 1.25" 23g pin nails and tons of glue.

Step 3: Layout and Cut Joinery. Assemble Carcass

Mark out all the locations for the shelves on your vertical partitions. Be sure to reference the correct faces so everything lines up. Use a jig, and drill perpendicular holes half way through the partitions. Cut the coordinating holes in all of the shelves.

Step 4: Mill Stock for Face Frames

Rough cut your face frame material (rough sawn soft maple) and cut it into 1.5" strips. Start by jointing one face and a perpendicular side. Then cut your strips from the flat part as reference. This will leave the "rustic" top

Step 5: Final Assembly and Finish

Glue the face frame onto the carcasses. Sand appropriately and finish with paint and a coat of water based poly. Then Install.

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