Introduction: How to Make a 30'' Wall Clock

this clock is going to be a gift to my wife.. she wanted a big wall clock above the fire place.. problem was clocks this size cost 150-300$ online and this one I had 22$ in it.. so that allowed me some shop time..

Step 1: Clock Face

these are the pine boards I decided to use.. wide and old.. I found them in the rafters of this shop.. they should be perfect for the clock..

Step 2: Finding Center

here I had to find the center and the best way was to use the long hand to see how much I could get out of the boards I had.. also to see were I could put some biscuits in..

Step 3: Biscuits

now it was time for biscuits.. for two reasons the first was because the boards were slightly warped and the second was I didn't run the boards over the jointer so I needed something to hold them straight while I clamped them..

Step 4: Clamp Up!

clamping the boards went better than I wanted so I had to use a screw driver to gap a glue joint to make it look more rustic..

Step 5: Epoxy

had to put some 5 min epoxy in a small knot so I could keep the look that was going on in that corner..

Step 6: Mortise

this is were I had to mortise a hole for the clock movement .. I just free hand it..

Step 7: Test Fit

here I was checking to see if I needed to go deeper with my mortise but everything look good.. I wanted to have my hands sit a bit farther out ..

Step 8: Painting Numbers On

I had some stencils that seemed to be the right size so I went with them.. you can see a lot more in the video..

Step 9: Poly Time

this is what it looked like after 2 coats of wipe on gloss poly.. I lightly sanded the 12 mark so it looked more old before I put poly on it..

Step 10: Finished

this is it finished.. just follow the instructions that come with the clock movement when installing..

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