How to Make a 30w Mega Flashlight




Introduction: How to Make a 30w Mega Flashlight

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Hi,In this intructable I show how to make 30w mega flashlight

Step 1: Led and Heatsink

first we need a 30w smd led chip and a heatsink.I mount led on the heatsink with screws.and don't forget to add some thermal paste.

Step 2: Adding Fan

I add a fan for more cooling it works good.

Step 3: Making the Box

I maked a box with hardboard for the led.

Step 4: Adding Switch and Female Connector.

added a normal on/off switch and a female power connector for charging the battery.

Step 5: Mounting the Led Into Box

mounted the led into box with screws.

Step 6: Bushes and Screws

Need 4 rubber bushes and 4 screws for base.

Step 7: Drilling the Hole

drill hole in the centre for screws.

Step 8:

mounted the rubber bushes

Step 9: The Battery Pack

Step 10:

mounting battery with double side tape.

Step 11:

Adding a metal sheet for xtra strong.

Step 12: Battery Charger

Iam using a automatic charger with thermal protection.It's output voltage is that we can charge 11.1v battery.

Step 13:

Wiring the battery charger and battery.

Step 14:

This is a diy battery level indicator.The ic I used is 3914.If anyone want the circuit diagram comment below I will give you.

Step 15:

final wiring.

Step 16:

make a metal clamp for more strong.

Step 17:

close the top cover and glue it using hot glue.I added a on/off switch and a push on switch.

Step 18: Painting

painting using sparypaint iam using black.

Step 19: Final Look

I added a handle.

Step 20:

Battery level indicator at night

Step 21:

charging before the use charging voltage 230v ac

Step 22:

without led and with led

Step 23:

Without any light,with a regular torch and my mega flashlight.

Step 24:


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    5 years ago

    I like this flashlight. I've got a torchiere lamp in my living room with about the same amount of power going to some LED's. Very bright.

    It's just my personal opinion, but I think you'd have a better chance in the Epilog IX challenge if you added to it. For instance, a complete list of parts and maybe even sources. Also, a circuit diagram and more detailed, step by step instructions. And, of course, schematics.

    Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a device to limit current. Did you do a test to make sure that the current wasn't greater than the specified maximum allowed for the LED? If this is a 12 volt LED chip, then 30 watts would be around 2.5 amps.

    If I was making one of these, I'd want more protection for the LED. Maybe, if it could withstand the heat, a piece of polycarbonate sheet. Or a piece of tempered glass. Or maybe a wire cage, as you sometimes see on work lights.

    Electro maker
    Electro maker

    Reply 5 years ago

    This led is only 1ampere and the cooling fan is about 0.5ah.


    5 years ago

    You make the same error than many people wanting to drive a Led without current control and limit. Here, battery act as a current limiter, which means it produces heat internally and the Led is uselessly stressed. Apart from that, it's another 30W Led.

    Electro maker
    Electro maker

    Reply 5 years ago

    I added a heatsink and a extra fan for the led

    Electro maker
    Electro maker

    Tip 5 years ago

    You can clearly see holes on both sides of the box


    Tip 5 years ago

    ffs please tell me theirs a vent hole and its just not visable on the bottom or something... whats the point of a fan and no vent