Introduction: How to Make a 3D Kendama

go on a computer/laptop

Step 1: Make an Account With ''Tinkercad''

  • Go to '' Tinkercad'' and click on the right top
  • after you've done that. go through the tutorial

Step 2: Step:2

  • after you do the tutorial
  • go to create new project

Step 3: Making the Kendama

  • make the cone of the kendama 16.5 cm tall and the bottom need to be 4 cm long
  • get a ring like shape and place it 4 cm up from the bottom

Step 4: Cups

  • get a cone make it 4cm and 1.5 tall
  • after duplicate it and put the tips together until its 7 inches long

Step 5:

after put the cups exacly 1.5 cm blow the pointy part of the cone

Step 6: Cups

  • get a ''half sphere'' and make it 1 cm deep
  • make a duplicate and place then in the cups and make the half sphere hole and then group

Step 7:

  • make a sphere and make it 5 cm on both height and width
  • after make an cylinder that it 2 cm width and 3 cm high
  • make another that is 0.2 cm width and 2 cm connect the two cylinders and group them
  • put the two cylinder in the ball and group after you made the cylinder hole

Step 8:

make a cylinder and make it 2 cm thick and long enough to go through both the cups and the cone that you made earlier

make the new cylinder hole and group it with the kendama

Step 9: THE END

  • now export it as a ''STL'' and 3D print it