Introduction: How to Make a 3D Model With Fusion 360

3D printing is rising in popularity. There are now hundreds of 3D printing services worldwide, one of them being CraftCloud. You place an order and they will handle the rest. Or you might be interested in Buying your own 3D printer. In any case 3D printing can be helpful from if you broke something and did not want to buy a new piece, to designing car parts. This is a short guide to how to make a 3D model to 3D print or to have 3D printed.


All you will need is a computer and a bit of patience.

Step 1: Finding the Right 3D Modeling Program for You.

There are many different programs for designing models to export to STL and many other formats.

Picking one that fits your personal needs is essential.

Here we will use Fusion 360.

Step 2: The Basics

What is a STL file? A STL file or stereolithography file is a 3D object made up of triangles.

You will design a model and then export it to STL file format to then be used in a slicer to 3D print. Such as Cura.

Step 3: Downloading Fusion 360

Go to Fusion's Website and get the free trial or buy a subscription.

Once downloaded open a new project.

We will be making a few shapes, learning how to create a sketch, and exporting your model.

Step 4: Creating the Sketch

First click the create sketch button in the top left corner in

your toolbar

Then select your plane to draw on.

And then click the rectangle button.

Select the origin and then select another point on the graph.Then select finish sketch. (the green


Step 5: Extruding

Select the extrude button (keyboard shortcut E) and click the face of the rectangle sketch. Drag the arrow upwards.

Step 6: Filleting the Rectangle

Select the fillet tool. (keyboard shortcut F)

Click the edge you want to fillet.

Step 7: Sketching With Lines.

Select the sketch tool once again.

Select your plane.

Then select the line tool. (Keyboard shortcut L)

Then on the graph draw your line.

Then select finish sketch.

There! You now have a line. You can add more to it later if needed.

Step 8: Exporting to STL Format.

First you will have to save your model.

Click the save button in the top left corner.

Name your model.

After saving click the file menu and then export.

Then the exporting menu will open up,

Select STL and name your file.

This will take a few minutes.

Then find a slicer to prepare your model to print.