Introduction: How to Make a Barn Owl House

About: This would talk about the construction of the barn house.

In this part of the steps you will see the things you will need to do for the barn owl house to become what you really want it to be.

Step 1: Materials/Safety Requirements

  • Safety goggles/ safety glasses
  • Hand saw/electric circular saw,(table)
  • Scroll saw/keyhole saw ( to be able to cut out the entrance hole)
  • ruler (to do the measurements)
  • pliers( for turning L screws)
  • Hand screwdriver/battery powered portable drill

Step 2: Measure

Always make sure that the calculations are correct, also calculate the areas that the wood needs to be cut off. The wood should be less than 18 by 18 inches. The woods can be found in any certain areas just make sure the woods are not too thick or too thin because if the person who is trying to create the barn owl house could messed up their calculations and messed the measurement.

Step 3: Cutting

When the person gets in charged of cutting the woods , make sure they have the safety requirements like goggles because if the person doesn't wear the goggles the part of the tiny pieces of woods can go into the eye.

The first step is to make sure to put the saw in the line of 0 to make the cutting perfect and to not messed up into it. Also to make the lines straight make sure the wood is replaced into a safety spot and secure it with a handler so in that way it could be easier and safe to cut the woods into the desirable measure. If someone cut one side of the woods, to make sure the woods are into the correct and exact size you can measure the other parts of the woods into the cut it wood just to make things seem more easy.

Step 4: Cleaning

After cutting the woods Into the right dimensions make sure to use the sandpaper so smooth the side of the house and have the perfect measurement for it. Also make sure the woods are into the right size in each side to make it into the desirable sizes for it. This part of the step is also very important because if the woods are not smooth out enough then when it gets time for the woods to get together to make the house it wont end up looking good.

Step 5: Making the Figures

After finishing cutting out the woods its time to create the circle in front of the house which is the area of the owls nature. Make sure that the circle dimensions are in the length the exact 8 inches and the width is 8 basically all the same areas of it. The areas of can make it seem too helpful for the owls to have their foods or even when they want to sleep. This is the area that would make the owl feel more of it.

Step 6: The Hole

After cutting out the circle make sure that you add a hole on it. This step is very important because In the bottom of the house someone has to add a stick so the barn owl can stand on it and actually enter the house. The whole can be created with the electric router this can help a lot since the product has the measurements to actually get the exact measure of it.

Step 7: Drilling and Making the Door

The most important part of this product is drilling the house. Make sure to get the right size of the nails because if the nails are not into the correct size then the product could destroyed itself and everything would be messed up. The part of the nail should be place into the correct section. If someone wants to make the door into the correct way make sure that the door don't get stuck or get loose.

Step 8: Making the Correct Dimension

The right way to actually know the correct size of the dimension is to check the sides again. To make sure the sides are equal

Step 9: Stick Them Together

After cutting through the woods and making the measurements , add the product and stick them together because its the most important part of the step since is becoming into the end. The woods should be sandpaper or also smooth out to be able to have the correct.

Step 10: All Done

The barn house is all done now enjoy your time with the barn owl house.