Introduction: How to Make a Basketball Themed Pendant

In this instructable I will show you how to make a basketball themed pendant made from acrylic and pewter.

Step 1: Download CAD File

Download the CAD file from here.

Step 2: Mill the Basketball

Mill the basketball outline by itself in the milling machine making the depth 3.5 mm (grey on the colour palette).

Step 3: Laser Cut the Acrylic the Outer Ring

Using the laser cutter, cut out the outer ring surrounding the basketball making sure to measure the diameter of the basketball and making sure it is equal to the diameter of the inner hole in the outer ring (make it 0.02 mm smaller than the basketball's diameter so you can have a tight fit). Make sure to make the areas that are being cut out blue and the parts that are being engraved (Ball Is Life) in red.

Step 4: Laser Cut the Michael Jordan Logo

Laser cut the Michael Jordan logo using transparent acrylic. (make the line blue)

Step 5: Glue the Logo to the Rest of the Pendant

Using acrylic glue and a brush, lightly stroke the brush around the areas of the logo that are the outer ring (the arm/ball and the legs as seen on the image above). The glue will seep into the space between the two acrylic part and dry up. Use a clamp to make sure that the logo stays in place as you apply the glue and after as the glue dries.

Step 6: Drill a Hole in the Pendant and Put a Ring Through

Drill a 1.5 mm hole into the basketball in the logo through both layers of acrylic then open up a a small ring and put it through the hole to make the pendant face the right direction when you put a necklace into it.

Step 7: Solder the Ring

Once you have found a ring that fits, put it through and solder it closed.

Step 8: Put a Necklace Through

Finally, put a necklace through to complete your design.